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In the ENTES Protection & Control product group, Motor Phase Protection Relays, Phase Sequence Protection Relays, Current Protection Relays, Voltage Protection Relays, Time Relays, Multifunctional Time Relays, Astronomic Time Relays, Liquid Level Control Relays, Photocell Relays, Overcurrent Secondary Protection Relays , Thermistor Relay, Power Supplies, Control-Isolation transformers are available. This product group is used to ensure safe operation of systems and to provide solutions for all control needs.

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Programmable Timers
Power Supplies
Control Transformers
Isolating Transformers
Phase Failure Relays
Thermistor Relay
Phase Sequence Relay
Current Monitoring Relays
Voltage Monitoring Relays
Liquid Level Controllers
Multifunctional Time Relays
Time Relays
Astronomic Time Relays
Daylight Switches
Overcurrent Protection Relays
Surge Protection Device